Leftovers Quilt

60" by 60"


To make a quilt out of leftovers, the quilter must first buy enough fabric to make a quilt and then have leftover fabric. If there isn't enough leftover fabric to make a new quilt, the quilter must buy some more fabric and make another quilt so there will be more leftovers. If the quilter buys enough fabric there will be enough leftovers to use as Joan did here using leftover Kaffe Fassett fabric from her Contrary Quilt. (See story #216.) As Joan didn't have enough leftovers from that quilt, she ordered more fabric. Now she has more leftovers.


Traditional four patch quilt design, inspired by Sally B. Davis' Plaids Squared Quilt , from Rowan Patchwork and Quilting, Book Number 4 © 2002


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