Bed Quilt

82" by 91"



She finally finished the Worry Quilt (See story #221), and then she had too many quilts.

She tried to use the quilt in many different ways, as a closet liner, as a window drape, as a cover for a very, very large dust mop, as wall-to-wall carpeting for a big dog house, as a cover for patio furniture during cold weather, or as a liner for the freezer. But, in the end, all those were just silly ideas. What the quilt was was a bed quilt, and so, though we had no room for another bed, SHE said the quilt could take turns with the other bed quilts. This was the quilt for April.


Traditional four patch quilt design, inspired by Sally B. Davis' Plaids Squared Quilt, from Rowan Patchwork and Quilting, Book Number 4 © 2002


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