Emended Quilt

9" X 11 1/4"

Here a stitch, there a stitch, everywhere a stitch or two or three. To save this little quilt from the scrapheap warehouse in the garage, Joan resorted to a mysterious technique. Did she unsew, unstitch, or unquilt? She said no, that it was just a little emendation.* "All right," she said later, "I gave the butterfly hind legs. Or maybe a couple of tails. Or maybe it's standing on a pedestal. Does it matter?"

*emendate: To make right what is wrong correct, adjust, amend, cure, emend, fix, heal, mend, patch, rectify, redress, reform, remedy, repair, right, straighten out, or revise--American Heritage Dictionary

(The unemended original design by Stephen Seifert can be found in the "The Foundation Piecer," Volume 4, Number 1))


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