"What's a UFO," she asked.

"An unidentified flying object," I answered.

"No, that couldn't be right. That's not a quilting definition."

"They have UFOs in quilting? Well, maybe it's because you're out in space so often when you're quilting."

"I won't even threaten you for that," she said. Obviously, she was serious about her question and had no time for humor.

"Maybe it means Ugly Fabrics Only."

"I think it has to do with some kind of objects," she said. "Quilters are always saying they don't have enough time to finish all their projects."

"That's not your problem. You never have time to do anything else."

She paid me no attention. "What words begin with U?"

"Up, umbrella, underwear. Maybe it's Underwear for Oldies," I suggested.

"No," she said, not taking the bait. "It has something to do with all kinds of sewing."

"Upset, Uniform, Uxorius," I offered.

"What's uxorious?"

"Excessively submissive or devoted to one's wife." I said. "The way you like me," I continued.

"Well, I should hope so," she said.

"How about Useful, Understand, Undulate. I like the way you undulate when you walk."

"Stick to the subject."

"Unknown, unsung, unlucky, ubiquitous, usual, usury?"

"No, it's no use. There are too many words."

"How about unfinished objects?"


"Maybe it has to do with projects you never finished."

"I never leave any projects unfinished."

"Yes, you do. You have a dozen drawers full."

"They're not UFOs," she said. "I'm working on all of them."

"You just said it."

"Said what?"



"No, U-F-O. And you do have the hummingbird wall hanging and other projects you haven't finished."

"I'm still working on them."

"Then they're not finished."

"They're only unfinished when I don't plan to get back to them. I plan to finish them all. Sometimes I need more fabric or a notion or...."

"Or more time," I finished for her.

"That doesn't mean they're unfinished." She was stubborn.

"Then you can call them WIPs."

"What are they?"

"Work or Works in Progress."

"Does that mean I'm still working on them?"

"That means you're still working on them." But very slowly, I thought to myself.

"Well, I don't give up, do I?"

"No, you never surrender. Now, how many WIPs do you think you have?"

"Only a few."

"Three. Ten? A hundred?"

"I don't have time to count them now. I have to finish what I'm working on."

"And what are you working on?"

"Oh, the hummingbird wall hanging, two other wall hangings, a crib quilt, a table runner, a pillow cover, and several paper piecing projects."

"They're almost complete?"

"Almost," she said. She hesitated and continued. "Yes, of course. Well, a couple are just started, and a couple are just planned, but I'm going to do them. Now let me get back to work."

I let her get back to work. I'm going outside to look for real UFOs.

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