Election 2000

54" X 54"

This is Joan's mile-a-minute, haphazard, helter-skelter, frenzy quilt created during the madness of the presidential election and what followed. If you would like, you can vote for this election quilt, and we will promise to count your vote. We will even count it twice and have a recount or not count it at all unless you request it, but the request has to be in the day before yesterday, and you have to offer to supply us with enough chad to make another quilt.

The Mile-A-Minute technique is from Carol Coski's article in the winter 2000 issue of American Quilter.

The inspiration for the quilt, especially the delight of the colors, came last May after seeing a quilt by Mavis Haslam hanging in her exhibit at the library in Blackheath, England.


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