25.590551 Inches Quilt

65cm by 65cm by 65cm by 65cm (more or less)

After converting centimeters to inches, she still had to measure and cut and sew and quilt. Whew! Measure twice and cut once works except when you measure and convert and measure again and then cut and forget which measurements are being used. When she finished, she said, "It's done, give or take a few centimeters or inches."


She wanted to use metallic thread in the quilting, but as she had had bad luck with using the thread before, the thread shredding or breaking, she put the metallic thread in the bobbin and used sewing thread through the needle and quilted upside down so that the metallic thread came out on the bottom, which was the top. (Huh?) She didn't break a stitch. Now she wants to buy lots of metallic thread!


Quilt design by Anja Townrow


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